Intelligent Flows for Media Management

Cloud platform for integrated content management

With Wolkie you can organize and store your files securely, facilitating collaborative access from anywhere in the world. This approach provides greater agility and efficiency in your work.

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Discover the artificial intelligence revolution

Automate and lower content analysis costs

We use advanced AI capabilities for metadata enrichment, including intelligent cataloging, facial, object and scene recognition, and automated transcription.

Media management and collaboration

Wolkie is a SaaS solution that offers advanced media automation and collaboration features, all in a hassle-free way.


Discover Wolkie Solutions for your specific needs. Explore our services designed to serve Production Companies, TV Broadcasters, Public Bodies and Churches. Simplify your media management and boost your productivity with Wolkie.

Media Management
Free yourself from worries about backups, high investments and application availability. We guarantee security and redundancy, serving both small and large companies.

We are a fully self-managed solution. With our cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected against accidental loss, hardware failures, and cyberattacks.

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Feedback e Revisão, extensão para Adobe Premiere BlackMagic Davinci
icone dos plugins davinci e premiere

Plugins for Adobe Premiere and BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve

Download our plugins and access Wolkie directly through your favorite editing tool.

Review and collaboration
Share content directly with your customers to facilitate the review and approval process. With our platform, your customers' feedback is directly on specific frames of the video, making it easier for you to understand their suggestions and areas that need adjustments or improvements.

With Wolkie, you can say goodbye to the communication problems that often delay projects and focus on what really matters: creating exceptional work and satisfying your clients' needs.

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"You know those tools for video editors that help you with the process! It's Wolkie that not only makes it easier for the client... it makes the process easier for people who edit videos!"

Werry Rodrigues, DF

Bandas de Rock

Vejam o que dizem nossos clientes 

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"The platform has been very useful, it has greatly reduced the correction time. Excellent service."

Gabriel Damasceno, SP

Momento Único

Vejam o que dizem nossos clientes 

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"My clients and I are loving the tool. It's making the approval flow much faster and more accurate."

Adelino Bilhalva, RS


Vejam o que dizem nossos clientes 

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"I've been using the platform for some time and the results have been great. From the first contact, the service was great and the platform is helping me a lot when sending videos to customers."

Rodrigo Zacharias, SC

Smart Agência

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